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Synchan through its many deaths turns 7 this year and in recent review of my digital footprint I stumbled upon this post on another chan: https://endchan.xyz/spoon/preview/232.html
In this post I'll outline a little of Synchan's history, why it vanished recently, and the future.

In 2010 a social engineering experiment made the rounds on 4chan called Operation Apocalypse. The premise was deface currency with the date 5/19/13 to fool people into thinking some vague judgement day type event would occur on that date. I took took over and further organized the raid in my own social engineering project to displace the acting shot caller, /b/rain, and create and run an active forum of 500+ members. During this time for whatever reason I decided to create synchan and it became a fun project to introduce new concepts in specialty boards like /ra/ and /buttranged/ for anyone who remember those being a thing. We started on synchan.org until the site was taken down due to being hosted on the same server as awsumchan where the owner didn't keep up with moderating it and our host caught wind of CP being dumped. What followed was a series of incompetence on my part leading to the loss all backups and the software I developed for the site. We came back as synchan.net using tinyboard, but I had lost interest in the site and eventually let it expire. It came back as the site it is now, a broken tinyboard clone with some OC sprinkled in. The site routed to completionistcrash.com, because I was messing with server-side caching and forgot to change the port for this site which prevented anyone from visiting the boards for who knows how long.

I made a number of friends who I still keep in contact to this day from both OA and Synchan and I'm thankful for that. These people have given me some of the greatest memories.

So here lies Synchan. A broken, husk of an imageboard that is a shadow of its once self. I wish I could have you experience the joys we once had on this site, but those days are long gone. I don't have much motivation to go back and fix the site or add back nifty features we once had, but leaving it up for the time being is the very least I can do.


OP is a fag


So true


I found out about this chan very recently, but for what it's worth, happy birthday!

It's always sad to witness the death of a board, but it's just a par of how things work on the interwebs, I guess.

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